Diederik De Bruycker
Images of Tourists in Bruges. A case-study of the perception of children (10 - 12 y.)
2005 - 2006. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Geneviève Delefortrie
Profiles of Japanese Tourists in Gent
2005 - 2006. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Myriam Fierens
Refugees and Tourism. A case-study of the Chechen community in Flanders
2005 - 2006. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Elien Meuwissen
The sustainability of heritage tourism. Case-study: The Wall of Hadrianus (UK)
2005 - 2006. Fieldwork in the UK.

Liesbeth Valkeners
Tourism as ethnic relations in Barbados. A case-study of the confrontations and interactions between western female tourists and the local population
2005 - 2006. Fieldwork in Barbados.

Marjon Valkeners
Tourism and Cultural Identity. A case-study of young females of Turkish origin studying in Brussels and Louvain
2005 - 2006. Fieldwork in Belgium and Turkey.

Katrien Hanssens
Tourist Experiences of “The Authentic Life” Through Narratives. Case-study: Farm Tourism in Flanders Heuvelland
2006 - 2007. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Ibrich Weymans
“How eco is the eco-tourist?” Case-study’s in South-Africa
2006 - 2007. Fieldwork in South-Africa.

Maya Windels
An Analysis of the Policy of Heritage Sites. Case-study: Le Mémorial de la Résistance in Vercors (France)
2006 - 2007. Fieldwork in France.

Lisanne Blomme
The impact of tour guides concerning the ecotourism of international tourists in Africa. Case-study: Karavaan/Joker
2007 - 2008. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Miranda Wyseur
Tourist Guiding in the Flemish Region, between Official Policy and Daily Praxis. Case-study: Multi-ethnic Guides of Antwerpen Averechts
2007 - 2008. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Emilie Laloux
Tourism as ethnic relations. Identities of ecotourism in Costa Rica
2008 - 2009. Fieldwork in Costa Rica.

Leen Nickmans
Tourism experiences of persons with physical disabilities based upon four case studies from the Flemish region “het Hageland”
2008 - 2009. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Stevi Raeymaekers
The function and meaning of storytelling concerning legends in tourism. Case-study: “The castle of Horst” (Flemish region)
2008 - 2009. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Vicky Steylaerts
Dynamics of Tourism Intermediaries from a Narrative Perspective. Case-study: Taxi Drivers on the Isle of Gozo (Malta)
2008 - 2009. Fieldwork in Malta.

Laurent Van Roosbroeck
Tourism from the perspective of music festivals. The renewed dynamics of Marktrock Leuven.
2008 - 2009. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Petra Courtois
From Space to a Place with a Meaning. Local identifications in a rural village in Flanders Haspengouw
2009 - 2010. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Kristien Dupae
“Speak with your mouth full”. Food as cultural brokerage in rural tourism in the Mediterranean. A case study of the Ager Foundation in Gozo (Malta)
2009 - 2010. Fieldwork in Malta.

Kaat Mertens
Oral History in Senegal: the griots of Dakar
2009 - 2010. Fieldwork in Senegal.

Ine Saelens
Images and experiences of the destination India. Case-study Joker: group adventure
2009 - 2010. Fieldwork in India.

Sarah Vandebosch
Sabar and Gender in Senegal
2009 - 2010. Fieldwork in Senegal.

Stephanie Philippaerts
The power of the image. A qualitative analysis of recording and film editing techniques in Flanders: the touristic programme Vlaanderen Vakantieland and the semi-touristic series Katarakt
2010 - 2011. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Evelien Van Belle
The impact of the recent Maltese EU-Membership on touristic entrepreneurs as cultural brokers on the isle of Gozo
2010 - 2011. Fieldwork in Malta.

Alexandra Van Brempt
“Helping people comes with the job”. Identities of Egyptian development workers, Cairo
2010 - 2011. Fieldwork in Egypt.

Lize Van Dyck
Tourism as ethnic relations. Perceptions of identity between backpackers and hosts in Manali, India
2010 - 2011. Fieldwork in India.

Kim Wybauw
Function and Meaning of Folk Tales in Tourism. Case-Study: The swans of Bruges
2010 - 2011. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Marije Nouwen
Anthropology, Etnography, Strategy. Insights in applying anthropology in European profit organisations (The Netherlands)
2011 - 2012. Fieldwork in The Netherlands.

Nele Verbist
A Marriage with the Other in Nepal. Mixed marriages between Nepali christians and members of the Nepali caste system
2011 - 2012. Fieldwork in Nepal. 

Didier Delcourt
Local legends as a tourism product: subject of a memorable experience? Case-study Geel (Flanders): the legend of Saint Dymphna
2011 - 2012. (with Jori DeCoster as co-promotor). Fieldwork in Belgium.

Anthony Blondeau
The complex dynamics between tourism and transnationalism, case study Gozo
2012 - 2013. Fieldwork in Malta.

Sarah Degrande
Under the spell of Couchsurfing. An auto-ethnographical case-study of hosting in the Belgian town Louvain
2012 - 2013. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Delgermaa Lkhagvasuren
Sustainability of poverty reduction projects in Mongolia.  Housing solutions for educated employed young professionals, with a focus on employment and income
2012 - 2013. Fieldwork in Mongolia. (STeDE, discussant) 

Anouk Verschaeren
Music tourism in Lisbon: between melancholy and commerce. An interpretative approach to the contemporary fado scene
2013 - 2014. Fieldwork in Portugal. 

Bram Plovie
The meeting industry in the city of Louvain: opportunities and challenges for tourism
2013 - 2014. Fieldwork in Belgium.

Robin Ambroos
The Tourism Potential of a sporting Event: Case The Tour of Flanders
2013 - 2014. Fieldwork in Belgium.