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Summer School for Anthropologists

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The Anthropology field school is held annually on the charming islet of Gozo, in the Maltese Archipelago. Gozo is one of the three inhabited main islands of the Maltese Archipelago (Malta, Gozo and Comino) and is right in the heart of the Mediterranean. Described as Europe’s best kept secret, Malta is surrounded by crystal clear waters, enjoys year-round sunshine and is the home of numerous cultural, artistic and natural treasures.

The Malta Summer School offers a unique opportunity to acquire some 'in the field' experience. The islands of Malta present a perfect balance of past and present: a fascinating legacy of European culture and rural Mediterranean traditions presented to the eye in the living history of its fishing villages. Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta possesses a typical island culture. As a result of its location, at the crossroads of maritime routes between Europe, Africa and Asia, Malta has always been strategically important. Many different cultures have set foot on the islands, leaving their unique imprints which are still visible to this very day. These foreign influences can be seen for instance in the Maltese language; an interesting fusion of Arabic and other romance languages. At the same time, Malta has a perfectly English-speaking population.

This facilitates accessibility for foreign researchers and acts as a perfect gateway for anthropologists. Possibilities for interesting field research abound and include a variety of architectural and religious sites as well as the study of tourism and ethnic relations.

The Summer School offers both budding Anthropologists and people more advanced in their Anthropological career alike a valuable opportunity to study the peoples of an island with 7,000 years of history.

The Malta Summer School is staffed with a renowned international faculty who will serve as the go-between for students and the islands inhabitants. They will also facilitate and monitor the progress of each project individually, so that they can best tailor their expertise to each student. The research participants pursue and write-up will be published.